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February 1, 2009

No Winner in Ultimate Global Warming Challenge

Junkscience.com announces that there is no winner in the Ultimate Global Warming Challenge. None of the five entries demonstrates to the satisfaction of JunkScience.com that either, let alone both, of the contest hypotheses can be rejected according to the rules of the contest. JunkScience.com is considering the possibility of extending the contest in hopes that someone can prove scientifically that manmade global warming is real and the disaster that it is purported to be. Stay tuned!

October 1, 2007

"Climate skeptics up ante"

"Junkscience.com would love nothing more than to pay you $125,000 to cause a catastrophic increase in global warming." (Washington Times)

September 25, 2007

Ultimate Global Warming Challenge Ups Prize Money to $125,000 for Proving Humans Cause Catastrophic Climate Change

The Ultimate Global Warming Challenge announced today that it raised to $125,000 the cash award to the first person to prove in a scientific manner that human emissions of greenhouse gases will cause catastrophic global climate change. (PR Newswire)

August 8, 2007

Climate Cash

The Web site junkscience.com is offering $100,000 to the first person who can prove that humans are responsible for harmful climate change. The Ultimate Global Warming Challenge says "If you think it's a no-brainer that humans are causing catastrophic global warming, here's your opportunity to earn an easy $100,000."

The Web site lists the specifications for the challenge and the contest rules. It's open until December 1, with the results announced next February. (Political Grapevine)

$100,000 Offered to Prove Global Warming: Can You Save Al Gore?

As soon-to-be-Dr. Al Gore continues to duck every person on the planet willing to debate him about his unproven anthropogenic global warming theories, one well-known skeptic has put his money where his mouth is. 

On Monday evening, the website JunkScience.com, owned and managed by Steven Milloy, announced The Ultimate Global Warming Challenge. (News Busters)

Contest Offers $100,000 Reward Proving Catastrophic Manmade Climate Change

"Here's the opportunity for global warming alarmists to flaunt all the conclusive evidence that they say exists," said Steve Milloy, founder and publisher of JunkScience.com, the sponsor of the Ultimate Global Warming Challenge.

"Al Gore says the debate on global warming is 'over' and the UN global warming panel places at 90 percent the probability that humans are causing harmful climate change through greenhouse gas emissions," said Milloy.

"If such claims are true and it's such a no-brainer that manmade carbon dioxide emissions are wreaking havoc on the climate," Milloy observed, "Then here's a chance for any scientist in the alleged "consensus" on climate change to pick up an easy $100,000."

"There's no excuse for not entering," Milloy offered, "since the winner, if any, could always donate the prize money to his favorite charity."

Contestants will also get a free DemandDebate.com T-shirt that says, "I'm more worried about the intellectual climate."

"So even if contestants can't prove that humans are causing global warming, their $15 will not have been for nothing. They'll get a great looking T-shirt warning of the real climate threat," added Milloy. (Southwest Nebraska News)