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$500,000 will be awarded to the first person to prove, in a scientific manner, that humans are causing harmful global warming. The winning entry will specifically reject both of the following two hypotheses:

UGWC Hypothesis 1

Manmade emissions of greenhouse gases do not discernibly, significantly and predictably cause increases in global surface and tropospheric temperatures along with associated stratospheric cooling.

UGWC Hypothesis 2

The benefits equal or exceed the costs of any increases in global temperature caused by manmade greenhouse gas emissions between the present time and the year 2100, when all global social, economic and environmental effects are considered.


By submitting an entry to the contest, entrants agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Entrants agreed to be bound by the UGWC Rules.
  2. Entrants acknowledge that the concepts and terms mentioned and referred to in the UGWC hypotheses are inherently and necessarily vague, and involve subjective judgment. JunkScience.com reserves the exclusive right to determine the meaning and application of such concepts and terms in order to facilitate the purpose of the contest.
  3. JunkScience.com, in its sole discretion, will determine the winner, if any, from UGWC entries. All determinations made by JunkScience.com are final.
  4. The winner, if any, will receive $500,000 in a single, lump sum payment. JunkScience.com does not promise or guarantee that the UGWC will have any winner.
  5. All entries must represent the original work of an entrant that has been produced specifically for the UGWC.
  6. All data used in an entry must be publicly available and readily accessible to the public.
  7. Entries will be accepted starting August 7, 2007.
  8. A fee of $15 is required for each entry submitted. There will be no refunds of entry fees.
  9. No entries will be accepted after December 1, 2008.
  10. The results of the UGWC will be announced on February 1, 2009.
  11. All entries must be submitted in MS Word or PDF format.
  12. Entries must include a summary or abstract of no more than 700 words for each hypothesis.
  13. Entrants consent to their entries being posted on the contest web site for public review and comment.
  14. Entrants waive all rights and claims against JunkScience.com related to, or arising from the UGWC.